Wednesday, 25 September 2013

September 25, 2013

These are a series of collages produced from digital materials downloaded from the net and are, in a sense, the first real digital collages I’ve made that mirror the type of handmade collages I made from found materials.  I have been collecting a large archive of downloaded materials and still have a couple of hundred images still sitting in my downloads file.

It wasn’t difficult finding old paper or brown paper – the type of papers I always liked to use as background materials.  Images vary of course and are taken from a variety of sources.   I’m fond of half-tones and use them in various ways here.  Again, I have to type in words to find the materials.  These collages also make use of digital brushes that I was able to find.  Some creators of the brushes have asked to be credited which I would be happy to do except that I haven’t been keeping track of downloads and noticed only later that some creators have asked to be credited.  If anyone objects to my using any of their brushes or other materials, I am prepared to remove pieces from the collage or give credit.

I, of course, hope to print and possibly sell most of the collages I produce although am becoming more aware of the problems involved in using and crediting other’s materials.  I think of collage as using ‘detritus’ as subject matter so don’t actually want to use other people’s personal or artistic creations.  I don’t mind the idea of some collages merely existing online only and am thinking more about a site where there could and would be free collaboration on digital collaging with shared materials and brushes.  I will introduce the Bric-0-browser that Faham has developed when its ready and hope to provide it to other users who might be interested in dynamic collages that change as the sources change. 

Most of these files are large and will print out at 24 X 32”.  A couple of them are medium sized and I’m now finding that I create small, medium and large collages based on the size of materials downloaded.

While most collages are cut and paste (and I’m now thinking they may be too grid –like as a consequence of so many square or rectangular selections), there is some use of cloning brushes again and, as mentioned, stamps or brushes.  I had just finished "Achilles" ironically when my left retina detached and I had to go to the eye clinic.
DigitalCollage#83 RZ


DigitalCollage#85 Oracle


DigitalCollage#87 Locust

DigitalCollage#88 Crux

DigitalCollage#91 20/20

DigitalCollage#94 Pyrates


DigitalCollage#96 Achilles

Friday, 13 September 2013

September 13, 2013

I’ve started an archive of digital downloads of the type of materials I would use to make handmade collages – old papers, documents, illustrations, typographical elements etc.  I’ve managed to download quite a lot of stuff so far.  
Digital Collage #61 The Beagle

Digital Collage #62 I Am a Man

These are the first two collages I’ve made with purely digital materials.  The files are large and print at 32 X 24”.  I’ve discovered, as I’ve been making collages from digital downloads, that I don’t like the look of materials that have been enlarged beyond their resolution as they produce a vague ‘photographic’ effect.  I like the highest resolution possible for prints and like the textures to be as literal as possible.  I’m now making small collages, roughly the size of handmade collages (book page size), printed on 8.5 X 11” paper; medium size collages which print on 17” wide paper; and larger 32 X 24” prints.  The size of the digital downloads determine the size of the collage in which they’ll be used.  I’m looking forward to creating and printing really large collages on 44” wide paper.

Monday, 2 September 2013

More Google Collages

I apologize to my few readers - I had intended to catch up on the blog and improvements this summer but suffered a detached retina and had to have surgery.  I've been recovering over the summer but I've been unable to do much on the computer.  Anyone who is actually following the blog, I thank you for your interest and hope you'll return now that I'm posting regularly again (I hope).

These collages are more Photoshop lessons.  I was thinking more about having to type in words in order to get images and materials for collage so was trying to think of words that were less specific such as generic, detritus, commodity etc.  I was also continuing to ask myself why I am attracted to certain kinds of materials or have certain kinds of "affectations".  While I like the idea of collage art made from cultural detritus and am interested in its connections to human memory, I wonder if it always has to be about "old" stuff.  I am currently collecting a lot of "old" stuff in my archive - mostly old paper and documents and old images of various kinds.  Do I need to be more contemporary in my ideas and activities in collage?  I thought about the Pop artists who were contemporary in their day (Eduardo Paolozzi and the English Pop collage sensibilities as well as the American artists) and thought about trying something in that vein.  Again, the work relies heavily on downloaded photographic images that have been manipulated with PS effects.

I've also added one of the still-lifes I was composing at the same time.  Again, I think of these as experiments or lessons and, as much as I admire Pop art, don't see myself really heading in this direction.
Digital Collage #63  Generic #1

Digital Collage #64 Generic #2

Digital Collage #68  Commodity 

Digital Collage #74 Still-life

Digiral Collage #82